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Film (selected)

Falling Into Place Lead Pixel Bokeh / Einar Johnson and Antonella Fragapane
The Little Free Library Lead Pixel Bokeh / Einar Johnson and Antonella Fragapane
Colton Lead Ixnax Productions / Kevin McKeon
Last Stop Lead Renaissance Arts Productions / Michael Walker
For The Good of the World Lead Painted Monkey Productions / Patrick Levad
One Man Band Lead CTPAK Productions / Carl Westgren
Hana v1.0 Lead Coffee + Cyborg Productions, Amanda Gray
Save the Last One Lead Ink Jrop / Marty Mcmasters
Early Music Supporting Pontius Films / Patrick Penta


Television and New Media

Dead of Night Co-Star NBC Universal / Ed Robbins
Seattle Freeze Recurring Chestnut Grove Productions / Heather Hoffman
Paranormal Shopping Network Co-Star Three Cat Films / Micaela Colman


Theatre (selected)

Hedda Gabler Thea Elvsted Harlequin Productions / Aaron Lamb, Dir
Truth Like the Sun Jenny Sunshine Book-It Repertory Theatre / Jane Jones, Dir
Witness for the Prosecution Other Woman Centerstage Theatre / Terry Moore, Dir
Codename: Kansas! South Copious Love Productions / L. Nicol Cabe, Dir
Close Enough Prometheus Stone Soup Theatre / Jessica Stepka, Dir
The Diary of Anne Frank Margot Frank Renton Civic Theatre / Bill Huls, Dir
A Long Summer Bren Edmonds Driftwood Players / Ted Jaquith, Dir
The Fall of the House of Usher Claire Edmonds Driftwood Players / Ted Jaquith, Dir
Long Christmas Dinner Genevieve Edmonds Driftwood Players / Keith Gehrig, Dir
LAPDSMU Nina Sheinberg Ghost Light Originals / Matthew Gilbert, Dir



Acting –  Terry Edward Moore, Steven Anderson, David S. Hogan, Tony Doupé, Angela DiMarco, Annette Toutonghi, Sarah Harlett, Timothy Piggee, Jacqueline Moscou, John Jacobsen
Voice – Candice Donehoo-Pullom, Gin Hammond, Jeannette d’Armand
Improv – Matt Smith, Kay Jaz, Gary Austin, Tim Faust
Movement – Michael Place (Suzuki, Ohta), Paul Budraitis (Meyerhold), Geoff Alm (stage combat), Rebecca Valls (dance)



Improv (advanced), Violin (performed at Carnegie Hall), fluent conversational Spanish, Piano (intermediate), Rock Climbing (can comfortably climb 5.9), Stage Combat (SAFD 2103 Certified in Rapier/Dagger, Broadsword, Unarmed; Single Sword 2014), Ice Skating (intermediate), Modern Dance, Ballet (beginner), Motion Capture experience, Can rap to Weird Al’s White n’ Nerdy
Dialects: Texas, Mississippi, Standard British (RP), South Boston, Russian, Cockney, Scottish, various Midwest, others on request


Best Supporting Actress, The Sammy Awards, Rice University for part in Hello, Hamlet as The Shrink

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